Migrate Your Website To The Cloud

Virtual Private Server Performance at Shared Hosting Prices

If you’re not happy with the performance or cost of your current website hosting, give some thought to migrating your site to a high performance cloud server to get private server performance and reliability at public server cost.

Check out the performance of our cloud-based hosting environment by visiting Asian Travel Tips, a 2.5 GB WordPress travel blog with very large images and around 5GB per month in visitor data being delivered every month. Hosted on a virtual private server, this website was costing us over US$300 per year plus another US$120 per year for a secure HTTP certificate. While the website was fast for visitors, it was painfully slow to update through the admin interface and almost impossible to backup on a regular basis.

After moving our site to a cloud server sitting in the Digital Ocean cloud infrastructure, the third largest cloud hosting service in the world, we now have even faster browser performance, lightning fast administration and updating, and very fast off-site backups. Our sites are also backed up in the cloud and the failure of a cloud server can trigger an automatic restoration from the latest cloud backup. Our email servers are also now in the cloud and our sites are protected from most malicious activity by hosting our domains in the Cloudflare DNS.

Our sites are hosted in the Singapore cloud, because most of our readers are in Asia. But you can choose to be hosted in the USA, Europe, Asia, India or many other locations. We can even set up a cloud-based CDN to ensure your content is available to all users, anywhere in the world, through fast local mirrors.

Fast Cloud-Based Hosting for $10-15 per month

What does it all cost? Our ongoing cost for a 2GB hosting account is around US$10-15 per month, depending on how much traffic passes through our three blog sites (including this one). The migration cost is around US$200-300 depending on the complexity of your website, and you’ll get a US$100 credit just for signing up through us, which can be used to offset your first 6-12 months of cloud hosting costs.

We do not levy any ongoing costs unless you want us to provide administration and update assistance on an ongoing basis. The only ongoing charges are those levied by the cloud service providers.

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