Google Analytics and customer insights

How to turn Google Analytics data into actionable customer insights

Google Analytics is a free tool to track visits and page views on your website. I think everyone know about this tool but most people (probably including your web developer) don’t know how to really use Google Analytics to create actionable customer insights and real knowledge about user behaviours. We do … in fact we do this every day for a major government-to-business portal.

Did you know, for example, that you can isolate a single website visitor in Google Analytics, see exactly when that user visited and what pages they read, where they came from (Adwords advertisement, geographic location, referrer site, etc), what value you got from there visit, which parts of your pages they found interesting, where they clicked, even where they went to after they left your website?

If you don’t know all this, you’re not getting what you should be getting from Google Analytics and you need to be talking to us to change that!

Did you know Google Analytics can tell you how your website is performing in Google search engine rankings? What keywords are the most valuable to you? Where your pages appear in user searches and how often your links get clicked in the search engines? Again, if you don’t know all this, you need to be talking to us to change that!

Google Analytics SEO Dashboard

Did you know Google Analytics can be integrated with other, more advanced web management tools like WordPress (blogging and content management system), ClickTale (user session recording and analysis), Kampyle (online surveys and user feedback management platform) and more? We can show you how and why you need to know about these tools.

ClickTale session recording
Kampyle feedback management

Using tools like these, we can show you how to take absolute control of your website from individual visitors to segmented customer groups to geographic target markets and product target markets. Turn your website from an expense to an investment with proven ROI.

Talk to us now ab0ut getting more out of Google Analytics on your website.

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