Easy wireless file transfer PC to Android

Ever needed to move large files from your PC to an Android smartphone or tablet? It can be a real pain! But I’ve found the simple and fast solution.

I like to take my Asus TF300T Android tablet with me when we travel. I usually have some Lonely Planet travel guides (the kind you buy online as chapters), some vocabulary guides (so we can order food and check into hotels) and some offline maps (in case we have no wifi available). But I keep these on my PC and copying them to the Android tablet is a very slow and complicated process.

The only file transfer method native to Android is connecting to the Windows share drive and dragging and dropping one file at a time from the PC share to the Android file location (in my case, a choice between the on-board RAM, an SD card in the dock and a micro-SD card in the tablet. I prefer to save to the Micro-SD card as it had 32GB capacity and it’s always in the tablet itself.

I could use an SD card reader, but my experiences with these have been very unsatisfactory. They lose connection halfway through a large file transfer and you have to start all over again. Or they just won’t register the SD card at all, particularly with Micro-SD. And when they do work, USB file transfer is painfully slow (go and make yourself a cup of coffee or watch TV).

The solution I found, which works like a charm, is an Android application called “Wireless File Transfer Pro” – check it out on Google Play. There’s a free version available but it’s limited to 5MB maximum file size. The Pro version only costs USD$0.99 and it’s worth every cent.

Wireless File Transfer Pro - screenshot

Once you activate Wireless File Transfer Pro, it presents you with a web address which you open using Chrome web browser. The browser displays the file systems available on your Android device and allows you to choose any additional storage cards or external drives connected to the device.

You then use the browser to select files or even entire folders on your PC that you want to transfer to your Android device. Once you click “Upload files”, it all happens incredibly quickly, limited only by the speed of your Wireless LAN.

Once you’re done transferring files, you can browse them using the Media Gallery and see thumbnails for each file.

Enough said. Dead simple solution, nicely engineered.

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