Tony’s Lotto numbers system

Ever wished there was an easier way to pick your Lotto numbers? That’s where data analysts like myself can be especially useful, because we look at numbers in very different ways. This post is a bit off-topic for me, but I wanted to share something I’ve created for myself that could also help others.

It’s a Lotto numbers system based on an Excel spreadsheet that takes 10 numbers you choose at random (mine are birthdays and anniversaries) and sorts them into 12 unique games of six numbers each. It’s that simple.

The inspiration for this system was a product I was asked to help market back in the late 90s – a slide card which claimed to turn any eight numbers into the same as a System 8 Lotto entry, but for the cost of just 24 single game entries. It was, of course, a stupid scam and I declined to market it, but it looked really good and I’m sure many people fell for it.

My Lotto numbers system does not necessarily increase your chances of winning Lotto. What it does do is eliminate the chance that you’ll have two games with the same numbers chosen and it increases the spread of your favourite numbers across the 12 games.

To use my Lotto numbers system, just replace the numbers 1-10 in Row 2 (under the A-J Master List) with 10 numbers of your own choosing. Then copy the numbers for Game 1 to Game 12 onto your Lotto 12 Game entry. If you can only afford a 6 Game entry, just copy the numbers in Game 1 to Game 6. Don’t change any other cells in the spreadsheet or you may end up with something you don’t expect or want.

Finally, if there’s someone out there who is better at randomising letters than I am, please suggest a better order for the 12 letters across the 12 games to increase the random spread. I did my best, based on something someone else started at Wonder How To but never really made useful or complete.

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