This copy of Windows is not genuine [solved]

If you bought a copy of Windows 7 on the internet (e.g. eBay or similar) and you are now getting the message “This copy of Windows is not genuine“, there is a solution available that doesn’t involve downloading hacks or spending hundreds of dollars on a legitimate copy of Windows 7. The answer is right here … read on.

This copy of Windows is not genuine, you may be a victim of software counterfeiting

Windows 7 software isn't always what it seemsFirst of all though, let’s just talk about why it’s happening, as this is important to understand. Legitimate full versions of Windows 7 typically cost a couple of hundred dollars. If you bought yours online for substantially less than that, there’s a pretty good chance that what you were sold is a licence key generated from the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) version of Windows 7 (often with some pretty genuine looking packaging). Although not quite legal, this would not be a major problem as these licenses activate OK at first and will often continue to work for a long time. The problem comes when the seller decides to get more bang for his buck and sells the same license key to someone else, thus doubling his profit. The second buyer activates his copy of Windows, Microsoft sees two computers with the same license key and marks the key as invalid. You download the next update of Windows 7 from the Microsoft Update site and suddenly your copy of Windows is not genuine.

So, what’s to be done about it? Well there is a solution, and the cost is about $2-5.  We don’t sell the solution here, but we can tell you where to buy it and how to use it to solve your Windows 7 activation problem.

What you need is another Windows 7 license key, for exactly the same version of Windows you have currently installed. It doesn’t have to be a genuine key, but it has to be a key which has not already been activated with Microsoft.  Where do you get such a key? Well you could buy it on eBay for maybe $50-60, or you could buy it here for $2-5. Will it work? Yes, in most cases it will, if you follow these instructions.

  1. Sign up as a DHGate member (free) so you can use their mailbox.
  2. Follow the link to see the license keys available (the site is and it is legitimate and trustworthy,  with options for PayPal or secure credit card payment).
  3. Find a seller who has the licence type you need (e.g. Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit), usually less than $5 – but you want someone selling single license keys, not bulk lots.
  4. Place your order, make payment, and wait for a communication from the seller. This will usually be a shipping notice (not real) and then an email telling you to check your DHGate mailbox.
  5. In your mailbox, you’ll find an activation key for the Windows product you purchased. It’ll look something like the license key you originally received with your illegitimate copy of Windows, and it’s generated the same way, but you’re not paying for any packaging or delivery.
  6. Now here’s the tricky part – before you can install your new license key, you need to disable the one you originally entered as it’s no good any more. To do this, you need to:- Open a Command Prompt as Administrator (Go to the Start menu, search for CMD, right click and “Run as Administrator”)

    – Once CMD opens, type the following command exactly as shown: slmgr -rearm – this deactivates your copy of Windows

    – Restart Windows (it will now start up saying something like “You have 3 days left to activate your copy of Windows”)

  7. Now you need to activate Windows using your newly purchased license key:-  Click the Start button, right click Computer and then click Activate Windows online now

    – Type in your newly purchased Windows licence key, then click Next

    Reactivate Windows 7 online

    – In a few moments you’ll get a message saying something like “Your copy of Microsoft Windows has been activated”

    Windows 7 is activated successfully

OK, what a relief! But wait, there’s one more thing you need to do.  If you don’t want to have to do this every few weeks or months (because this seller is probably just as dodgy as the last one and will sell the same key to another customer in a few months time), you need to adjust your Windows Update settings so there are no automatic updates.

Set Windows Update to

Check all Windows Updates before you download or install them from here on, making sure not to download or install the “Windows Malicious Software Detection Tool” or any updates that check the validity of your Windows license.

Do that and you are back in action, all for $2-5!

Please say thank you … we don’t get anything out of this except the satisfaction of knowing that we’re not contributing to the further gross profit of Microsoft.

We offer no warranties for this solution. We didn’t invent it and we don’t make any money from it. We just happened to provide moral support to a friend who went through this recently and decided it might be nice to share the solution he found with others.

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