The Web Support Guy understands business, not just websites. How unusual!

Web Support Guy
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The Web Support Guy

We’ve been building businesses since 1976 and we’ve been building business websites since 1995. It’s a powerful combination that allows us to build business websites that work. We specialise in Wordpress websites so they are easy for you to manage and update. We also specialise in Google Analytics so you can see how your website performs and contributes to your business.

We use Wordpress

Wordpress is a reliable, scalable and easy to use web publishing platform that you can understand and easily keep updated 

Search Optimisation

The best website in the world won’t work if your customers can’t find it. We specialise in local business Wordpress website optimisation.

Web analytics

If you can’t measure it, it’s probably not true. That’s why we specialise in the implementation and configuration of Google Analytics to track every aspect of your website’s performance and how customers are using it. Preconfigured reports inform your business operations and marketing programs.

Google loves fast, responsive, scalable websites and gives them search priority. We can move your website to our business-class web servers for a lot less than you’d expect.